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You're going to love working with us. dLinc delivers exceptional engineering services with a focus on quality and collaboration. We offer hourly and fixed-price projects.

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Quality Web Apps, Made in the USA

dLinc can help you build and deploy secure web software you'll love. We have full-stack expertise, and our USA-based development team specializes in building software to meet strict privacy and security requirements.

Clean, responsive UIModern web serversSecure HTTP APIsK8S configurationProgressive web appsNoSQL databasesEfficient CI/CD pipelinesAWS & GovCloud deployments

Information Security

Our team of experienced engineers knows how to mitigate risk and design for regulatory compliance. We can help you find simple, effective solutions to meet NIST, HIPAA, or GDPR controls. We can also help you navigate the CI/CD pipelines and automated scans at DoD software factories like Platform One.

DoD Seal

Authority to Operate

We've taken multiple systems through the ATO process, including our SecureLD software on DoD Platform One.

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We understand privacy and PHI and have built out SecureCareConnect software to pass a 3rd-party HIPAA review.


Web Standards Expertise

We know "Web 3.0". Our team has worked directly with W3C Verifiable Credentials, Decentralized Identifiers, Authorization Capabilities, and JSON-LD for years, and we are partnered with the experts at Digital Bazaar who have authored or edited the specifications themselves. If your application includes VCs, Digital Wallets, or Linked Data, dLinc can jumpstart your project and get your team to the font of the pack.