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We're transforming the way individuals, organizations, and machines share information
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A New Paradigm Online

Developers across the Web are establishing new ways to use public key cryptography for personal autonomy and privacy. Individuals can now directly control access to their own information, choosing exactly what to share and with whom. Consumers have new tools to understand data from different sources and make intelligent decisions with the information at their fingertips. dLinc is using these advancements to serve customers who work with sensitive information, enhancing our national security and improving outcomes for healthcare patients.

Our Capabilites

Secure Hosting

dLinc's Encrypted Data Vaults make it easy to securely host information online and control access between different services. EDVs put control of the data in the hands of the source - for personal health information, defense program data, or company proprietary information.

Linked Data

dLinc is applying JSON-LD, the language of Linked Data on the Web, to make information understandable - even if it comes from different sources with different data standards. Our approach was proven across millions of independent websites and is now solving interoperability challenges in healthcare and defense.

Trust & Verification

Who authored this data? How was it processed? What do I know about this person asking for access? dLinc is using Verifiable Credentials to empower individuals and software applications to answer these questions peer-to-peer, with no expensive centralized infrastructure.

Lego Blocks

Built on Open Standards

Our technology is built on open standards from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Important new W3C specifications include: Encrypted Data Vaults, Verifiable Credentials, Authorization Capabilities, and Decentralized Identifiers. These technologies form an innovative system in which digital signatures and public key cryptography work together to establish a secure Web of trust between independent participants. Leam more at

dLinc's secure cloud products are among the world's most advanced implementations of these new "Web 3.0" technologies. Our use of open standards means the systems we build are reliable, versatile, and interoperable with other vendors' products.

About Us

Our mission is to solve the challenge of availability vs. security for clients working with sensitive information. Traditionally, customers in these fields are forced to make a tradeoff between the two: either sacrifice security or block access to users who need it. We launched dLinc in 2019 because we saw the potential of Web 3.0 technologies to meet this need.

dLinc is led by experienced engineers with a track record of successful R&D and commercialization in defense and healthcare. We are teamed with Digital Bazaar, leaders in the Web Standards Community. Our teammates pioneered the JSON-LD standard for linked data used across the World Wide Web and are leading the standards efforts for Decentralized Identifiers, Verifiable Credentials, and many others. We bring this expertise and vision to every project.

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