Powering innovations
in cooperative healthcare

We're piloting a new privacy-preserving approach to connect patients, families, and diverse teams of caregivers, improving outcomes and enhancing quality of life.

Pilot opportunities
SecureCareConnect App

Connecting Care Teams

SecureCareConnect makes it easy for patients, caregivers, and family members to coordinate care in any setting, including in the home. Our HIPAA-compliant software integrates messaging, health records management, medications, and more. With customized features for different types of care teams, SecureCareConnect improves quality of care by streamlining communication.

Health Records

Individual Privacy & Autonomy

dLinc's Encrypted Data Vault technology puts the patient at the center of their care, and empowers them to manage their own medical records. Individuals can connect to FHIR-complaint health records systems and build a complete picture of their health in their own EDV. With their data no longer isolated in different provider portals, individuals can now visualize, discover insights, and share health information with family and providers, regardless of network.

Nurse and Patient

Improving Outcomes

Studies show that communication between care team members and availability of up-to-date health information are critically important to patient health and recovery. SecureCare is ready to achieve this promise for home care patients.