Unlocking the data-driven
operational advantage

Our innovative, decentralized approach provides the capabilities to realize the DoD's strategic vision, securely linking together compartmentalized data from disparate sources.

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True Zero-Trust Interop

Zero-Trust is all about limiting an adversary's movement within your network, compartmentalizing data and enforcing access control rules every time an actor asks for inforamtion. By FY27, the DOD CIO's Zero-Trust Roadmap will be fully implemented across the Enterprise.

dLinc's unique technology solves the challenge of implementing Zero-Trust between independent systems: different networks/platforms/operators. We can provision a unique digital identity for each person or software microservice and empower them to directly make access requests and real-time policy enforcement decisions for the resources they control.

Ask us about how your team can save significant time and money by using W3C standards to securely connect these software APIs - without having to migrate them to a centralized hosting environment.

Artificial Intelligence

Harnessing Articial Intelligence

We're harnessing the power of Linked Data to enable secure operation of Al over compartmentalized data. Our Encrypted Data Vaults can make information understandable and accessible to Al services, even if it comes from different sources with different data definitions. dLinc's approach unlocks the power of Al to operate directly on data at the source, without needing to copy, translate, and consolidate it in a centralized data warehouse.

Soldier in the Field

Remote and Disconneced Operations

dLinc's approach to linked data and access control works with or without connection to DoD centralized identity services. Our Zero-Trust interconnection technology can seamlessly switch between online and disconnected operations, meaning that forward-deployed systems can continue to operate securely in the field, even without a connection to home. Let us show you how our credentialing technology can onboard and manage diverse teams of users in the field.